BOTZ – Passive Income Generating NFTs


Welcome to BOTZ utility driven NFTs. BOTZ NFTs generate impressive returns which can be used to generate passive income or obtain more BOTZ NFTs creating an higher income streams.

Launched in November of 2022, with rewards paid out in USDC on the Polygon Network or BNB on the BNB Smart Chain. Our BOTZ work 24/7 to produce NFT holder’s rewards. BOTZ does all the work, you reap all the profits.

NFT holders will see their rewards automatically in their wallets paid out starting on the first day after a full calendar month. BOTZ also offers a 100% return up until your first rewards are received, no questions asked.

BOTZ is driven by our four core principles: Smart, Simple, Scalable, and Sustainable.

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DateNFT Payout
January 1, 2023$5.02
February 1, 2023$3.51
March 1, 2023$5.31
April 1, 2023$8.30
May 1, 2023$9.27

YieldBotz – Yield Farming NFTs

YieldBotz NFTs

YieldBotz NFTs produce passive income through the power of yield farming.

Yield farming is complex, but you can now harness the power of providing liquidity in yield farms hand selected by our experts simply by holding a YieldBotz NFT in your wallet. Each month you will receive rewards sent directly to your crypto wallet.

YieldBotz Phaze One NFTs are now available on OpenSea. NFT Holders will also receive a free digital copy of the book Yield Farming written by Paul Donaghy in addition to being given BOTZ VIP status.

Click here for more information on YieldBotz or check out the YieldBotz lite paper for more detailed information.


100% Guarantee
Life happens. If you need it, Botz will fully refund your 250 USDC on day one of the payouts no questions asked.
No Ponzinomics
BOTZ does not need new investments to pay NFT holders. Our bots create income 24/7.
No Fees
BOTZ charges no fees whatsoever. No buy fee, no sales fees. Your money works for you 100% of the time.
BOTZ Phaze 1-4 NFT collections will be minted on the Polygon network. This means fast, secure and inexpensive transactions.
BOTZ NFTs can be bought and sold on OpenSea, the world’s first and largest web3 marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
YouTube KYC
Our BOTZ team will KYC on every YouTube channel we appears on. This unique KYC process means no rug pulls and our founder is doxed.


Beta 511/8/22BetaBotz NFTs are powered by crypto trading bots and offer a 375% return. These NFTs are guaranteed and very limited.
Phaze 11,00011/15/22Phaze One Yield Farm NFT holders will be given BOTZ VIP status and get early access to future phaze releases and other projects.
Phaze 22,000TBDPhaze Two NFT holders will be given BOTZ preferred status and get early access to future phase releases and other projects after VIP holders.
Phaze 33,000TBDPhaze Three NFT holders will receive priority for phaze four NFTs over the general public.
Phaze 44,000TBDPhaze Four is the final phaze of the yield farming NFT project.


Paul D. – Chief Bot Officer
Nick C. – Technology Ninja
Dave T. Community Guy
Aaron D. – Lead Teacher
Troy D. – Algorithm Guru
Cash – Chief Trading Bot
Cheddar – Rewards Distribution Bot
Buck – AI Design Bot
Loot – Customer Service Bot
Peso – Translation Bot
Feddie U. – Social Media Manager
Justen W. – SEO / SEM Manager
Richard G. – Financial Analyst
Melissa I. – Copywriter
Tobias L. – Legal Council